Automotive keychain collection

Our collection of metal automotive keychain represents more then 53 vehicle brands, consist of passenger,   commercial and industrial vehicles.

For every brand,   we propose different concept of keychain: all metal, color selection for metal, metal fixed in the leather.
The collection counts approximately 300 basic models; there are mostly personalized on both sides,   with logo engraving or any other element you want to communicate.

Designs standards of the brands are respected.  At its option, each model may have simple brilliant or matt finishing, or dual finishing (matt and brilliant **)

Various rings and chains are proposed, standard (by default), luxury , great luxury and vintage.

In addition, we can offer our customers the option of customized packaging solutions that value the keychain. By default, products are individually packed in plastic bag.

From 300 units

*   File to supply:  Vectorised file (AI, EPS extension)

** According to the references which are compatible with this type of processing

    Registered designs.

COMPETITIVE PRICES because exempted from customs duties (EUR1) in Morocco