Creation & custom</br> made manufacturingCreation & custom</br> made manufacturing

Creation & custom
made manufacturing

Creation & custom
made manufacturing

Creation & Custom made manufacturing in Morocco

Our mission:  Enhance your brand image .

We offer you the best quality concerning product design, finishing .

Their resistant properties over time make them favorite products.

We can ensure you get a very high level of scratch-resistance, perfect adhesion of nickel even with sharp edges, it doesn't oxidize and keeps its brilliance.

Custom promotional products are the specialty of our company based in Morocco since 2007. Thanks to our expertise in custom solutions, we were able to satisfy the request of a more and more demanding clientele.

Our client consist mainly of vehicle dealers and automotive industries, it has developed, Thanks to the confidence that several national and international companies placed in us.

Excellent value for money, our products are the result of 24 years experience and they are a great success for Europe.

Certified manufacturing and 100% Made in France.

We also design and manufacture many other products:

  • Buttons, metal fashion accessories
  • Metal hardware for furniture
  • Small leather goods, in leather, high-quality imitation leather or with a rubber material
  • Luxury stopper for closing vials, carafes and botles.

Competitive Prices because exempted from customs duties (EUR1) in Morocco.

Creation & Custom made manufacturing in Morocco